Monday, March 2, 2015


Oh hey!
Remember us?
It's been so long since I've blogged that I was worried I'd forgotten how to even find my way here. But it turns out it's much like riding a bike - it all comes back suprisingly well!

So here we are...up there...all SIX of us!
Ahhh, yep, after fretting whether I'd ever feel "done" with having kids - and feeling nothing but done after I had Sawyer! - we are back in the game with a precious bonus baby.
And I'm wondering if this little space might be just the right spot to process and share the journey towards becoming a mother of 6.

So, if you're still reading, hello! and, thanks for sticking 'round!

Friday, August 22, 2014

2014 Winter Collab dolls

The big news is is that the Winter Collab dolls are DONE (insert party poppers and streamers here!) and have been on display all week at Story in Hamilton.
The other news is that they are currently being auctioned on Trade Me, and will close on Sunday evening around 9pm.
I'm so proud of all the children who designed for me - the feedback they've received has been so wonderful. Such a fun Winter Collab season!

Friday, August 15, 2014

My metal mouth

A flood of articles about the intricacies, expressions and characteristics of depression have hit my Facebook feed since learning the sad news of Robin William's suicide. It's a devastatingly high price to pay for raising awareness, but it's been valuable.
However, now that it's been a few days I've noticed a shift in the articles being shared. They feel more accusatory - from those who have suffered the debilitating effects of depression towards those who "don't get it", including an article listing 15 things you shouldn't say to a person struggling with depression.

These kind of articles simultaneously encourage me and dishearten me. Here's why - I am extremely awkward. Especially with words. And especially in sad, traumatic situations.
I feel relief that there is a list I can read and commit to memory of things not to say. But also, it bums me out that something I might say sincerely - but awkwardly - might be taken as an offence. Which makes me more terrified to say something...and so then I typically become the 'silent' friend (who obviously doesn't care).
See, instead of gentle, comforting words flowing like velvet from my mouth, I tend to sound more like I'm regurgitating the contents of the local metal recycling centre. Jarring and clangy and making all the top 15 things-not-to-say lists.

So can I gently whisper a quiet word to those of you who are suffering through something hard?  No one is ever going to truly understand what you have been/are going through - whether it's depression, abortion, divorce, death of a child, or chicken pox - because no one has your personality combined with your life journey. And yes, sometimes there are people who say dumb things but other times there are just awkward people, with clunky words but a sincere heart.
Love should always define us, no matter what side of the situation we are on.

And if anyone ever feels inspired to collate all the "Things you shouldn't say.." articles and print them out, I'll be first in line for a copy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What html after 7pm looks like

I don't know about you but html code reminds me of the periodic table and Mrs Cuthbert's 6th form chemistry class. I know I'm showing my age but who even understands that?! Wait, I suppose 'html' is being offered as a second language option at high schools now? Pshhh, prolly.
Html is on my mind because I've been working alongside the very patient crew at Rocketspark to create a website for Needle & Nail. It has all the info bits as well as our blog and soon it will even have our very own shop, too!
 Most of it has been done in the evenings and I know that you know there ain't much brain action happening after 7pm (raise your hands and mmmhmmm with me, mamas!) - thankfully our friends at Rocketspark did all the brain gymnastics and I mostly just clicked the little arrow thingie.

Anyway, go applaud my hours of late night squinting, clicking, switching and typing. 
And then tell me you would never have guessed my age or that I knew nothing about html code. 
Go, see! >> <<

PS. Those pics up there is me faking a screenshot because it's a) after 7pm and, b) I can't be bothered googling 'how to take a screen capture' for the 57th time in my blogging life. I can never remember...

PPS This post is not sponsored by Rocketspark. But I wouldn't mind if it were. Not only are they great at brain gymnastics, it turns out they can bend over backwards pretty easily too - thanks guys!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Let's be honest about the 2013 '52 family photos'

We recently celebrated my parents' wedding anniversary by visiting the church they were married at 40 years earlier. JR snapped a shot of them with one quarter of their offspring and one half of their grandchildren.

We also did a self-timer shot for old time's sake.

Can I tell you something about our family weekly family portraits we did last year? I was really organised and had a photo book made of all the portraits, all 52 in one book....

and I can't even look at it.
I get so nauseous. 
Last year was brutal. I'd really rather forget it honestly. But maybe one day I will only remember how strong our family became that year because of the brutish events, not so much the events themselves.

Oh and here's another thing - the kids often ask 'can we pleeease do it again?' haha...weirdos. 
So all that whinging and complaining was fake, huh?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When creative inspiration doesn't work

It's funny how things often come full circle.
Last year I bought some fabric with the intention of making an infinity scarf, but when I got it home I had a change of heart. I had recently seen a picture of a striped maxi dress online and loved it so much that I decided to use the fabric to make a maxi dress instead. It turned out great and I wore it once or twice but to tell you the truth I always felt a bit too conspicuous when I wore it.
So, last week, I decided to turn it back into what it was originally meant for.
And I haven't taken it off since.
Sometimes last minute inspiration can sometimes be a game-changer, but other times you just need to accept that although something might be fabulous online and seem to tick all the right boxes, it might not be fabulous for you. 
Be inspired, but always stay true.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Most treasured possession

It's been awhile since I've done this kind of thing, but today I wrote a guest-post over at Grow Mama. Anissa has started a lovely series where she has invited bloggers to share their most treasured possessions and she was kind enough to ask me.
I really actually had to think about it!
But now I'm all curious...what would you consider to be your most treasured possession?