Monday, November 23, 2009

Festive Flags vs Birth Prep

At 38 weeks pregnant and a previous birth history of: no.1 being dead-on due date, no.2 being 5 days early and no.3 being 2 weeks late I really have no idea what to expect with this wee bundle. I've just heard that an acquaintance has had her baby 10 days early. If that were to happen to me, that means we'd have a baby before the week is out!!!!!! *deep breath*
At least I'd have some super-swoon worthy festive flags already flying gaiely at my front door even if I don't have the birth pool...or maternity pads...or newborn nappies...or breast pads... or.....


  1. I least you have suuperswoon flags!! and if all else was to fail, you could snip one or 2 down and wad them into a pad for whereever needed it at the time - hehe!....Lov ethe flags...I made some for birthdays but feel the GREAT need (above all else like cleaning) to make some more for the courtyard to announce our residence here! other creating news, am looking at doing some GIANT sillouette reliefs on wood for art in the courtyard....hmmmm, I spend WAY to much time dreaminghtings up!

  2. Superduper flags! Must make some...sheesh there isn't enough time in a day for all the things I want to make. I think i'm just a bit slow in the making process. Need to get faster. All you need for a new baby is...a drawer and a blanket and a few nappies....according to Karen's mum who is a midwife in Sth Aucks. Now do you feel like you have a few things....heehe


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