Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I just spent the weekend at my mum's while JR was down in Hastings. It's always a treat as I don't have to do meals for 3 full days (whoop!) and I usually get to do crafty stuff guilt-free (whoop x2!)

Day 1 Mum pulls out this little goldmine:

It's an entire drawer FULL of gorgeous wooden Janet and John images and words. Giddy!!! We had feverish fun stamping them onto fabric with fabric ink. My mum has borrowed them from a local school (with a tragically low decile) who, we can only hope, doesn't send them to the rubbish dump when they realise that the rest of the world now uses tacky "Excellent!"/"You're a star!"/ "Great Effort!" and smiley face stamps now. There were a bunch of double-ups so was begging my mum to ask the principal if we could pleasepleaseplease at least buy those ones off them. Will see...

Day 2: I finally got to play with the Masking Fluid.

And it was exactly as much fun as I had hoped!


  1. hey gal
    tell me all about hte ink thingy! haven't done it and would love to learn...the stams are WAY TOO FAB!xx

  2. The masking fluid you mean? I have oodles of it some come and play sometime. It is so.much.fun. Just paint it on the bits you want white (I had a black/white image taped to back of watercolour paper and painted masking fluid onto white bits while it was hanging on a window so I didn't have to trace anything and have pencil marks). Wait for it to dry then slap watercolour around as enthusiastically as you dare and once it's dried you simply peel the masking fluid off with an eraser (it's kind of like latex I think so is really fun to pull off)
    VOILA! an impressive looking picture that a 5 year old could do :)


  3. I LOVE YOUR WORK! You're an inspiration darling. The masking fluid pic is soooo cool and the stamps divine...it might be worth whispering in the right ear about those stamps....ie....if you are going to get rid of them...RING ME!
    Much loves!


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