Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Summing it up

Today was a really nice day. But for no particular reason. These were the parts that made up the sum:

* sunshine (instant mood lifter!)

* wind and sun-dried laundry (inlcuding our bed sheets and fresh, white newborn clothes *cluck cluck* )

* homeschool sports day (historically the worst day on my schooling calendar, definitely waay more fun when you're the mum! haha)

* bought some henna to do this (hopefully on Sunday)

* saw friends (briefly)

* got a cheque in the mail for $110 for some art I've had in downtown gallery for awhile (I'll be using it to buy maternity bras! oh joy...)

* kids in bed by 6pm (well, one is still up, but he's way to cute to be annoyed at!)

* chocolate on ice

* good movie to watch - The Diving Bell and The Butterfly (French with subtitles so will have to concentrate)

yep, a good day :)

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  1.'re an absolute darling for taking my JK along with you...he had a ball...will soon return the favour, so you can spend some quality time with the new little one soon to be born.'re an inspiration. Love your 'vibe'!


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