Wednesday, December 23, 2009

baby mooooon

First family photo. Danny was welcomed with

SwooOOoon. I die... :)

Urge to kiss that soft little face!! (again!) In his awesome $8 basket from the equally as awesome Waihi Beach op shop (and yes, the blanket is perhaps a little feminine but this is my last baby and I'm chucking out the baby books and Plunket graphs - Little Treasures magazine was banished years ago! - and this time I'm following the "Whatever the Heck I Like" movement! :) )
And the lavender heart is from Miss BellaBree...*muah*


  1. YAYAY...welcome to the 'whatever the heck I feel like' world...tis grand, and its such a pain it takes so linkin long to arrive there (4 babies for me too!) working on that going to all areas of life....and have even brought a dress that is totally wong for my shape - but I love it so DON"T CARE!! yay!
    Little Danny is smoochy gorgeous xxx

  2. Congratulations, how wonderful...happy new year to you and your beautiful family! xx

  3. super WELL DONE to you!!!
    birthing your bubba. awesome. i had our last two at home (after having the first few nearly-in-the-car lol.)

    LOVE that first photo so much - you are right - there is so much love right there!!!
    wishing you a wonderful summer - just because JR is back at 'em, you need to keep your feet up as much as poss... i found that my kids loved to dote on me and the newest bubba - and snuggle. hope yours do too!!!
    that basket is adorable X


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