Monday, December 21, 2009

it's a ...


Wow. God has blessed me with 3 sons!

Danny Arlo Rolston was born after a short labour (for my standards at least!) in water at home at 7:10pm. Birthed completely by his mama (me! :) ) who was very surprised at how fast he chose to enter this world!! The midwife was only here for the last 7 minutes and the kids, who had gone out to have dinner with my mum, missed it entirely!!

Other stats: 9lb 4oz, 41 weeks 2 days gest

Pics to follow soon....I'm off to snuggle with my baby some more...mmmmmm~~


  1. ohhhhhhhhhh, yummy! am so thrilled for you honey! and am really looking forward to snuggling him for myself - hopefully it'll help me OVER the clucky hump am stuck on ;-)
    thinking of you guys all the time, and hope you have lots of help, lots of rest and LOTS of snuggle time. xx (ps text me your home number so I can give you a dingaling x)

  2. Hey, I'm just a random person who came across your journal a while ago. Just wanted to say congratulations to you and your family! Home birth rocks :) Enjoy your wee bundle.

  3. Congrats honey! CANNOT wait to see pics, lots of love and hugs xoxooxoxoxoxo Jen (LJ buddy::)


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