Thursday, December 10, 2009


This afternoon an unknown vehicle drove in and out hopped a woman who introduced herself as "Angela from down the road". The mother of Isabella.
She came to personally thank me for the journal I had made for them to collect their sweetest memories and pictures of their sister and daughter. She was lovely and it didn't seem as traumatically awkward as I was expecting! She said she absolutely loved it (couldn't stop crying apparently) and has booked into scrapbooking classes especially so she can make a good job of it. Yah!!
She had her son (5) and baby girl (7 weeks - just 2 weeks old at the time Isabella passed away!!) with her...beautiful kids. She was saying how she just loved having 3 children...for 2 weeks. *bawl*
She took my number and promised to keep in touch over the holidays. I hope so.
I'm SO pleased she visited. And I'm so relieved the journal was recieved well.

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  1. oh WOW
    that is such a beautiful part of the story - so glad she found you X


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