Thursday, October 22, 2009

4 Elements Art

I recieved a second invitation to enter an art competition at a small gallery in Pollok, Waiuku. The theme was the '4 Elements' (ie water, air, earth, and fire). After playing around with a few ideas, this is what I finally came up with....using watercolour and charcoal pencil I attempted to show an NZ representation of the 4 elements with native eel, birds and Rotorua thermal activity.(nb. cute lil Chey Dolls sitting up there on the shelf below...:) )

I'm not even close to expecting win but would be over the moon if it sold...I need some $$ to pay for Jada's maths curriculum for 2010....!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Art Day Thursday

Unfortunately we are unable to continue funding the luxurious art lessons for Jada at the Waikato Society of Arts this term so have decided to make Thursdays our "Art Lesson Day". (Yes, it was made clear that she'd prefer to be doing the real art classes!)

Anyway, I thought she did a fairly decent job!
As it turned out I bought some foam rollers yesterday and so we spent today (after we'd tackled all the really important stuff of course, like reading comprehension, addition and writing composition!!) making pictures out of pieces of cardboard and stamping to our heart's content. Ty actually nailed the concept better than Jada on this one which was nice for a change :)

So, I guess we kinda had Art Day Thursday and Friday :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daughter Day

When Jada was born all those millenia (5 1/2 years) ago I was so surprised she was a girl. I thought for sure I was going to have about 5 boys. Just cos. Days like today make me so so thankful I have a daughter. It's been full of embroidery, buttercup daisy chains, and this:

I was vacumming upstairs and Monte (20 months) was crying, I told Jada to get him some food!! (I know, I know...bad associations etc)...I came downstairs and found this! I didn't even know she could DO this! The plate with the banana chopped up is for Monte, the other 2 are for her and Ty. Oh my heart...she is so sweet.

Last night Jada suddenly decided (at 5pm!) that she absolutely urgently needed to do some sewing. I threw my embroidery hoop at her, gave her some manky threads (6 for $1 kind) and gave her some basic instructions (ie put the needle back through on the same side you just put it through, etc) and left her to it so I could get dinner.

She had a play and showed so much promise that today I let her have a nicer piece of fabric to use and even generously gave her all the manky threads as her very "own special ones" :)

This is the finished product. After ONE little tiny practice! The Ladybug was completely her idea also...I think it's brilliant....the kid's got mad skillz :) (...btw, she made it "for Daddy")

And then, we made daisy (buttercup) chains...Her Majesty Princess Buttercup:

Just lovely :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Crossing them off...

Yah! I've finished TWO Christmas presents...only ?? to go!!
Two Twirly Skirts ( ) and matching reversible headbands for two of my nieces (sisters, aged 5 and 2) ...