Wednesday, February 17, 2010

9 weeks/ 2 months

i promise you would not believe the amount of times i have had people put the fact that this little guy is so cruisy and easy-going down to his birth order.
oh, all 3rd and 4th babies are like that. they have to be.

i'd like to give the fella a bit more credit than that. i know that "difficult" babies pay no attention to birth order.

i'd like to think he is utterly amazingly well-settled and calm because it's his personality. (and i may just thumb my nose at the next person who fobs it off as merely because he is a fourth child! pfft!)

happy 2 months my son xo


  1. well for what its worth - I think its down to a combo of personality and calm, caring mothering! sooo scrummy young man x

  2. Danny, 9 weeks already!!! Well done Supermum. ps I need another real blokey tag doll asap. Can you hook me up!!!! I'll log into FELT now and purchase. xoxo J


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