Thursday, February 11, 2010

act yer age

in case you are wondering, 9 weeks without op-shopping/thrifting doesn't cure you of the addiction. trust me, i know.
i was finally able to squeeze a sneaky trip in sans (only) one child. the trip itself went swimmingly but now Jada and I currently both have a death-grip on the same item of clothing. she wants me to whip it into a maxi dress for her (cuuuuuuttte!):

but i rather fancy it as a long top/ summer dress for myself:

why does the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb" spring to mind?
ok ok ok. so the cute 6 year old gets her maxi dress.
i'll go rummage for my floral skirt and cardy...

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  1. ohhhh jealous much! I just love that fabric, too yummy


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