Sunday, February 28, 2010

MAKE my week #8

so i'm a little late in starting but the very cool bobbyrobin has let me play her fun game...make one thing (at least!) a week for the whole year:

ta da!

yup, freezer paper. on order for my 6 year old nephew.
i know the rules are for one per week but i figure i'm 7 weeks behind so here's another:

a painting of my 3 sisters and I inspired by art nouveau style (sorry if you see this before tuesday's your birthday present!!)



  1. LOVE the painting - i love that style! yay for the a project a week!

  2. wow!! that painting is awesome! I'm un officially keeping in mind the 'creation a week thing" too, however if I formally commit to it i know i wont do it...this way I'm keeping the pressure off! I have made quite a few things though

  3. Dee, I just love your painting- AWESOME. I've just started an etching class this week, and have a sister theme in mind, this just sealed it for me!! xx

  4. Awesome! Your sister will love the painting, very cool. Did you do the t-shirt yourself?

  5. Briar - how cool...can't wait to see how it turns out! x
    Chavah - i didn't make the t-shirt but i did the stencil - printer+freezer paper+fabric paint+iron= easy peasy :)


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