Monday, February 22, 2010

saturday plans

it's one of those things i've always wanted to be.
but now? it's more like, ok pass the valium!!!

yes, i am to be a bridesmaid this saturday. (well, technically a maid of honour but there's no need for such formalities around here, ahem.)

for The Wedding Givers no less! (...on tv1 breakfast show here).

seems i've grown remarkably accustomed to the unacknowledged busyness and obscurity of motherhood. hiding behind meals and nappies and teething dribble and tantrums and floors that need vacuming. the thought of coming out into the spotlight makes me feel like what i imagine this sweet lady (paternal grandmother):

would have felt like if she'd ever visited us here:
(see? valium right?)

i'm way too old for such public displays of publicity. especially while lactating! and with so many teeth missing!......and you can bet your very last chon won that the baby will "need feeding" right when it's time for bridesmaids (maid of honour) speeches thankyouverymuch.

ps. dear seoul, seeing your picture does make me miss you so~


  1. ooooo how eciting! can't wait to see you in all your glory!! You'll be stunning xx

  2. oh frewju is actually bellabree - set has done something funny (not haha) to the computer grr

  3. i know a frewju when i see one :) xo


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