Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fairy rainy day

here's a first....Jada did her "schoolwork" before breakfast this morning!
the reason?
a fairy garden was waiting to be made :)

we used left-over grass seed we had but by chance saw chia seeds at the supermarket today so will add them tomorrow because they look so cool.
man i wished i'd had a fairy garden when i was her age... :)


  1. i wish i did too! isn't that site AMAZING!!!

  2. This is so beautiful and inspiring ~ my kids would love to do this...thank-you. xx

  3. the kids LOVE it...especially my 2yo son (although there are lots of gentle reminders not to dig the dirt out with the fairies!) :)

  4. This is spectacular. Are you sure this a fairies-only dwelling? I keep on squinting in efforts to spy little versions of biiiig blue people flying on their ikran in amongst all that beauty.

  5. that looks so magical - thanks for the idea, we are about to move and leave our garden, this is a perfect transportable one! :)


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