Friday, April 23, 2010

MAKE my Week #16

it was my brother's birthday on Wednesday and i made this cushion for him out of old pairs of jeans.

allow me to explain:

my baby brother (the youngest of 4) should absolutely NOT have made it to 27 years old. the fact that he is that old even astounds me. (in my mind he is still around 13 years old!!). he was born a big fat chubby 10lb baby (my parent's first son) but quickly turned into a scrawny ET look-alike (my mother's description, not mine!) with a perpetual blue tinge around his mouth. he was born with an inoperable heart condition - specifically, Tetralogy of the Fallot

he was given "a week or so" to live.

as a result of his condition, his heart has been beating like someone who has just completed a 100m sprint for the last 27 years. basically, he feels like a tired old man (and still as scrawny as ever!). for him to be 27 years is a miracle.

and then there's the british thing. he is nuts on anything british - castles especially. last year, by no minor miracle he made it to England...(and even more miraculous, he made it back!). and so, the british flag cushion cover :) hope he likes...

ps. i took pics of how i made it if anyone would like to see :)



  1. A big Happy Birthday to your bro!What a lovely post, i'm sure he will love the pillow, It's awesome X (Jen)

  2. Hope he had a great day and loved your pillow!!


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