Monday, April 26, 2010

sweet haul

oh, the unwanted fabric market! shoulda been there. it was just what i'd hoped.... a treasure chest of cheap treats. all of the following were between 50c - $2.50 of very old cottons that were in immaculate condition.
(warning: serious fabric candy following, you may need to sit down!)

i know, right? i must admit to squealing out loud and consciously deep-breathing a number of times. it proved entirely ineffective because i got a migraine as we drove away...the excitement proved too much for me (i guess i'm more like my MIL than i care to admit! :) )
anyway, i feel much too greedy to keep all this for myself so i might put together a wee "sampler" pack to give away sometime this week.


  1. oooooooooo, I'm in love with the damask type floral print, it definatly needs me to touch it! HOW MUCH FUN did you have!! all of that yumminess - sigh!

  2. oh shhhhhhhhhhhhh you are so mean!

    glad you got a whole lot of goodies though

  3. Ahnnyounghaseyo! *head bow*

    I love being excited over goodie art hobby making stuff!
    Those are such great prints!!
    You are gonna make some great stuff..indeed!

    God is love,

  4. What an amazing collection! Now I definitely wish I lived closer to Hamilton!


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