Monday, May 31, 2010

celebrating creating

i know, i know, art doesn't count as a squat as far as real life skills go.

and uh-huh, yep, i should be drilling Jada on her times tables and english grammar.

and yet...

...the very first word of action in the Bible is,

we are made in the image of a God who creates.
how wonderful!

and i intend to allow my family to revel in that truth and gift just as much as we can.

(Jada is holding her entry for the art competition. i asked her what price she would like to put on it. she said, "$5?". bless. i love that $5 is a monstrous amount :) the gallery takes 33%, so i slapped a hefty $25 on it!)


  1. speaking as someone who has (almost) finished teacher training (and is now seriously considering home schooling after a closer analysis of the state school system - either home or Steiner), I think that art is an essential part of learning!!! Maths and literacy are overemphasized in my opinion, scarily so in some schools... I could rant on about it for a long time actually, bring back art, music, drama and handwork!!! (to name a few lovely subjects!)

  2. I just love this!
    So creative, taking after her cute.

    Neat concept too for a art idea!!

    God Bless *~

  3. Priceless. Well done Dee - you are such a cool mum!

  4. Very cute painting... Creating is an important part of our family life (maybe not so much my 16 year old any more, she has other priorities now).

  5. Here's a little clip I think you'll like, Dee.

    I could be wrong...but I think it translates well across faiths and belief systems.


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