Saturday, May 22, 2010

get your frills

one pair of pants that fit well at waist but too short on legs
some vintage sweet haul fabric, some gathering stitch (top and bottom!), a pinch of jazz and whole lot of fun

i think i must have been subconciously channeling Portabello Pixie - but with less pop - because i promise i haven't visited that site for over a year!

the boy dolls i made over the last week wore me out! i'm so pleased i've got them done (and there are only 2 left!! whaat?!) but am looking forward to chillaxing a bit this week and playing around with a few more reconstructions out of op shop clothes.
also, super, super excited about entering another art competition. last time i got runner up (and a piccie in the paper!! woot)
i have a purely delightful idea, but as always the challenge is trying to actually produce a decent version of the idea. looking forward to painting again though. so excited!


  1. these look fantastic... I think we are going to have quite a few pairs of pants requiring frills when we dig out our winter clothes :)
    good luck with your art competition


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