Wednesday, May 12, 2010

in real life...

first of all let me just say, thank you for not visiting today!

my house is a tip!

(warning: this isn't pretty folks...)

  1. pile of laundry
  2. mega bucket of duplo (spread throughout house)
  3. (cute) red shoes from a real shoe shop!
  4. yep, that's a baby there
  5. potty (most likely needed emptying)
  6. Jada played shops (selling hair accesories) for, oh, about 2 minutes?
  7. ladybird bubble bath that seems to never stay put away.
  8. maths school work
  9. writing school work
  10. drinks from breakfast time
  11. pile of magazines from the MIL for cutting up
  12. rare Richard Scarry book - also from the MIL

strangely enough this hasn't bothered me today. probably because my to-do list has been Zero.

hope your wednesday has been equally as relaxed and comfy.

better go tidy up!


  1. It's much too wet and rainy here to do housework! Only I don't have the 'four kids' excuse - only one baby...

  2. yup thats my house too! olnly we just got home from work and haircuts....starting hte cleanup at 5pm is so NOT cool.

  3. sadly mine was pretty similar this morning but now sparkling because I was expecting visitors

  4. Hope the lovely Danny didn't get tidied up with eveything else.... tempted to share a photo of my laundry - but my pride won't let me..... ;)


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