Friday, May 14, 2010

MAKE my Week #18

it wasn't exactly a phoenix from the ashes, but pretty close...
remember the confession of chaos from a couple of days ago?
well, you can throw your nose in the air and scoff all you like but this is what came out of that day:
from this:

a wrap skirt from op shop that i never felt "Bam!" in but loved the colours of the print.
(apologies for the pic being upside down. i promise i've tried 10x but blogger's having a tanty today it seems)

to this:

a cute lil dress/top.

since having my fourth baby i feel so awkward in my body - my hips seem higher and wider and this kind of long top is the only style i feel really ok in. my mum cut a pattern from a cute nightie for me the other day out of a noel leeming catalogue (upcycling people!) and i intend to make a whole wardrobe of tops like this.

(the 2cm forest green strip down the centre front is bothering me like nothing else. ick! ideas?)

PS i know i missed week 17 - i made a Super Maori Fulla cape for a 6 year old birthday boy but didn't take a picture...sorry!


  1. That looks sooooo good! You're the kind of crafty I'm certainly not.


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