Monday, May 10, 2010

mother's day stroll

i'd have this any day over a stroller :)
i often wished trees could talk. they seem so "Qualifications" for Mother's Day
i love these people:leaf-kickin!
joy!mmmmm, baby fuzz kisses
(yes, she thinks she is Mary Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie)i'm convinced these leaves were having their own little fiesta!


  1. lovely are your babies ....lovely pics hunny xx

  2. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful children and beautiful Mum. I love my 'back yard'.

  3. I have a favourite northern hemisphere Mother's Day post, and a southern hem. favourite. You are the latter. Sorry to all you other folk, but I am just pulled towards the post about two mums (birth mother and step mother) and this one of beautiful, beautiful photography. Also, you wear your baby. That makes you infinitely cool, in my book.

  4. awwwwl!! loving that Mary!!

  5. Beautiful photos... thanks for entering my giveaway. I have never had anything sitting on a custom made shelf before, that is very sweet. x

  6. Hi! I'm your newest follower and LOVING your blog!!! Gorgeous baby! ;)


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