Saturday, May 22, 2010

thriftful glee, gleeful thrift

i have been bursting to share the gleeful thrifty finds this week:

the half-size orange suitcase..which goes with my teal bowling case oh-so-well!

if I had a baby girl coming up through the ranks i'd copy Katie (skunkboy creatures) and consider doing this with it:

(for those of you who do have a baby girl coming up through the ranks, more info and pics here. brilliant!)

then i found this weaving loom. yay!

these (??) were inside the box along with the weaving loom. anyone know what to do with them??

and then...these!
for only $3 a piece - (the dear old lady behind the counter couldn't understand why they were so expensive!)

to see this is magical in itself.
no 'made-in-china' here baby! :)

yep, a good thifting week



  1. what a GREAT thrifting week! yay you - we have had some changes over here and theu are so lacking in the AWESOME dept....the sweet ladies seemed to now relaise the worth of prtty plates and charge $2-10 for them!

  2. scores!!! I love days like that...

  3. Wow awesome finds, what op shops you go to? I love op shopping.

  4. Oh, I LOVE those cases! I got some of the same genre a while back and had to defend their honour against conventional, conservative folk opposed to old-school suitcases. True story;


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