Friday, May 28, 2010

whizz or bang?

help! can't decide if it's a whizz or a bang? a Kiri or a Susan?

(this is all i'm willing to share at this stage! this is so different to anything i've ever done before and i'm just.not.confident it's worked....)

i still have a few more things to finish off so will decide then i suppose?

but because it's taken longer than expected, we will have to drive it to the gallery, which is windy 2 hour drive......might just have to put it down to "experience" :)



oh, and for all those pregnant mamas who always seem to be hoping for daughters instead of sons, this:

it's not always 'slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails' :)



  1. LOVE is all i'm gonna say about that! Don't doubt yourself Mrs R! Your artwork rocks and I love what i'm seeing. Very you.
    And what you say about the true....I keep reminding people about that when they comment on how I must be dying for a girl. Boys are all good. xx

  2. I think it's awesome. And really would you want to be either a K or an S ??!!??? D is waaaaay cooler

  3. I love it! Maybe you want to keep it to be a one-copy-only limited edition slice of awesome...but I think if you photographed it you could sell prints of it online EASY. I'd buy a poster of that design, no question.

  4. I love that painting!!!! I want to see more of it! And beautiful boys!


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