Wednesday, June 16, 2010

bribery & babies

can you believe there are 100 people who "like" my facebook page?? i can't. i thought i'd maybe get about 15 if i was lucky!! seriously astounded. (of course, there is nothing quite like a little bribery marketing to boost the numbers is there? :) )
and so...i present to you:
The Tiny Eyes Lucky-Liker Dip Giveaway
one facebook liker will be randomly chosen at 10am tomorrow (17th June) and will get to "dip" from one of the 3 choices above....
it's gonna be gooooOOOood! very excited.
and if it's the 17th tomorrow, that means it's the 16th today and that means this guy is SIX MONTHS OLD!!!

was this really 6 months ago?


  1. happy half year birthday to your little guy! And I'm crossing my fingers (although I know I've had way too much winners luck lately to get too hopeful!)

  2. What an exciting giveaway, and a happy half year to your little man!! :)
    ps. did you receive my vraft-it-round package?? :)


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