Thursday, June 17, 2010

happy mailbox

a few weeks ago, stella from the golden adventures of a very dark horse organised a craft-it-round craft swap.
it is better than my birthday!
i keep getting these delightful handmade treats in the mail...
Allana ( high maintenance hippy) sent these gorgeous cards (which are far too yummo to actually send to someone else!) with handmade envelopes and a sweet little pack of 'vintage tape'....i adore~~

then, a couple of days later, this lovely handmade shopping bag from Frith (who, as far as i can sleuth is the sister of Hanna at craftykin? please correct me if i'm wrong)

i love the upcycled fabric and the message on the bag is oh-so-true! :)
and the best news is, there's still more to come~~~


  1. oh yay! You did! I'm glad you liked it. Love the package from Frith too, great bag! :)

  2. Oh boy! I'm getting so far behind, I haven't sent ANY and have received three! I think I'm feeling a bit intimidated by the quality of this years craft parcels... Dear me, better get making

  3. oh I'm with stella!! still freakin out over the talent I have to try and match haha i so will not!!

    What awesome packages!!!

  4. I love it here! So great to stop in~

  5. Dee - I was speechless when your parcel to me arrived, it is amazing!!
    Thankyou from the bottom of my heart - you are very kind and talented.
    It will become a cushion as I can't bear to use it otherwise :)
    Thankyou xx


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