Wednesday, June 30, 2010

kids' art class - mosaics

On the weekend (when the rained finally cleared!) we visited the L'Arte Mosaic Cafe and Scuplture Garden in Taupo. a must see!

and so, with mosiacs fresh in our minds, we set to making our own.

i precut the pieces - much easier and quicker!

i freehanded the outline of a pattern/image onto black paper with HB pencil.

we used a glue stick...until it ran out, then used paste which i wouldn't recommend at all, doesn't dry completely invisible and makes paper warped)

our new pieces of art.
tips: keep the pattern basic..or large...or large and basic.
and to really drop some jaws we googled some historical pieces of mosaic art.
Jada's comment was, But how did they know how to do it then because we weren't there to teach them?
i resisted the urge to lead her through the history of the world then and there.
time is so much bigger than now!
can't wait to discover history together :)

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  1. ive been living in taupo almost 2 years and still havent been out there!! i must do it!


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