Monday, June 14, 2010

kids art class - near and far objects

i have decided to feature an "art class" every so often.
here's one i did with the kids last week.
1. we looked out the window and discussed the size of objects near and far.
things that are closer seem larger, things that are further away seem smaller.
2. after running outside between rain showers and collecting 3 leaves each, i had them draw one so that it looked very close to the viewer - so close that it was going off the page.
then smaller (further away), then even smaller (even further away).
they drew these with black Sharpie pen (doesn't run when wet!)
3. then i had them draw some leaves with white pencil crayon in the background.

4. then, using autumn-y colours, they painted in the leaves using watercolours.
5. after this was completely dry, we painted the background dark grey - mega glee when the white leaves magically appeared :)
i think my 4 year old did great. don't you? later that day he came and showed me a picture he'd found in a magazine of a row of cars - the cars in the foreground were so big they were partially out of the picture, and the ones further away were tiny. he was so excited: "we learnt about this today!"
happy monday xo


  1. How cool! What a great teacher you are! Hmm, yep, homeschooling is definitely appealing to me...

  2. this is awesome, my four year old is very into arty and crafty things, I love the tip about the sharpie :o)


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