Friday, June 11, 2010

make my week #23

this ex-hamilton city library book caught my eye at an op-shop a few weeks ago and when i went back on tuesday it was still there so i knew it must've been waiting for me! :)

the illustrations are fascinating. gesso paint on boards of plywood.
and the story/poem is just gorgeous.

perfect for a bunting for a little boy's room (corner) don't you think?

the easiest bunting i've ever made!

i cut a triangular template, picked the best pics and parts of the poem, cut them out with a craft knife then sewed a ribbon across the top. easy-peasy!
and the coolest thing? no other little boy in the world has one the same :)


  1. Ahnyounghaseyo!

    You are so creative!
    That's just so beautiful!

    God Bless
    ~* Love

  2. love it!...and you x...sorry feeling soppy and all emotional after holding my sweet 10min old neice for 2 or so hours...and of course watching my sister bear her burden is always shattering. xxxxx

  3. Fantastic idea, I think I may have to make one for the boys room too. Sadie has a fabric one I made for her first birthday. It looks gorgeous in her room.x x


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