Thursday, June 24, 2010

make my week (dad's version)

so, i leave JR alone for a few hours on Tuesday afternoon and this is what i come home to:

some cousins came to try it out

spiderman costume: trade me
fancy blue hat: salvation army
cute kid: mine!
PS. thank you so much for all your words of encouragement about this guy.
it has been a really lovely week....we have a massive test this weekend - we're going away for the weekend with my parents, brother and my sister and her husband (and i don't think anyone on that list especially 'gets' Ty, instead he's the 'naughty kid', first-to-be-blamed kid, etc.) mega-pressure.....*nausea*....


  1. wow that plane is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! WOAH!

    All the best with the weekend away, hope your worries are in vain and you all have an awesome time together xo

  2. So cool. We want to come and try it out. The Dr on our team said "it's a bit high isn't it..." haha. What will you guys make next??? Cx

  3. That husband of yours needs to stop making all the other husbands look bad. Okay, not bad...but less "handy". SO IMPRESSED right now.

  4. snedhim here...we NEED a plane please - wait and see sugar, the weekend will be great! Totally get you tho - my Jose is the one I always apologise for and watch like a hawk - mega pressure on us both - and genrally hes just fine/ok/only a bit ratbaggy (and have you noticed how darn cute he is!)
    be praying love you dollface

  5. Wowzers, that plane is so cool!!
    I hope the weekend goes well for you all :)

  6. Oh how cool is this!! C'mon Dr CHD.... the pressure is on... now we will be saying "What's JR done this week" instead of "What's Dr CHD done...".... xx

    PS - just had JR here for lunch and he commented on the nice rimu unit... that I am about to SAND and PAINT!!!! hehe....

  7. PPS - have a great weekend. Spiderman will be spiderman and all may well get stressful at times - but he IS cool and they love him. xx


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