Tuesday, June 15, 2010


well, hello there friend!
the last few nights i've given up sewing dolls for painting them instead.
there is something so soothing about painting with watercolours. i've really enjoyed getting to know how they work.
i've done 6 tiny paintings so far - (paintingettes i shall name them) - will reveal when done. yay!
PS i have vowed to run another giveaway on my facebook page if i can get 100 "likers". 6 to go... it's gonna be a gooooodie :)


  1. oooh loving the paintingettes!!
    so gorge

  2. that is soooooo cute!!! Love it! Makes me want to get out my water colours too! hmm, few too many other pots on the boil however...

  3. All a bit clever you!! Love these to bits... wish could paint... when will you run some classes?! xx

  4. oooo lala, just love this!! A set of wee prints for sale coming up!?!....just love your style sugar!

  5. this little paintingette is so very sweet... Do you have a felt or etsy shop?

  6. This is so cute! I love it! And I adore the term "paintingettes!"


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