Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Question

we had 4 university students for dinner last night. it was fun.
(i had to keep reminding myself that they see me as being really old - even though i'm sure i only graduated from their same university a couple of years ago...!)

anyway, i got asked The Question...

so, Dee, what do you do now? just looking after the kiddos?

(yep. you know the one) i actually surprised myself - instead of being indignant and offended by the question, i was actually totally confused and stumped by his question. what do you mean, "what do i do?" the clean house...? the meal...? the kids...? huh? isn't it OBVIOUS what i do??
honestly, for a moment i was completely baffled. then i remembered he was just a kid (didn't you *hate* being called a "kid" when you were 18/19!! haha) and what clue did he have.
i smiled kindly at him and said, yep, i look after the kids and let him off the hook.
sweet kid...at least he asked.

maybe i should just get this and run through it with the next person who asks :)


  1. I get asked that question at least a few times a week, usually by menfolk. It drives me batty.
    I also very much disliked being asked 'what have you been sewing lately?' by what felt like everyone I saw, right from when Otto was a few weeks old. Uh, yeah, I just have so much child-free time up my sleeve, and get so much sleep and rest at night, that I just can't find enough to do to fill my day!

  2. haha- I so know what you mean! I find that question really hard to answer - if only they knew!!

  3. Yep, I even got asked that by my Aunty, who has four grown children and seven grandchildren! She then went on to say that it's much easier if you go back to work rather than stay at home... Erm... I know where I'd rather be!

  4. :)oh yeah I don't bother going into detail either.
    now I get the question from well meaning real life "stalkers" So hows the blog going?......ummmmmm how do I answer that!? Especially if they are obviously already reading it.

  5. uggg, that is crazy~ That happens to me! People think because I do not go in to my job regularly... I must be sitting around doing nothing...

    funny thing is... if we got paid of being moms there would never even be the question!

    hummmpffff... teengaers (rolling my eyes)...lol ;) those crazy kids!

  6. I hate being asked that. I have to focus all of my jedi powers not to divulge all that I've already done that day...including if I am asked the question at 9am.

  7. I have no children to look after but house.. meal.. and also computer take my whole days. I really hate this question .. so Shamim what do you do in home, when Sam is at work(!) ?


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