Saturday, June 12, 2010

what dreams are made of:

i would love to do this one day. (it could be a great distraction for when the kids leave home! )
introducing, moomah.

they say:

The creative process is a way for parents and children to deepen their conversation and find starting points for new dialogue. Therefore our intention is to help you and your child co-create artworks that you will not only cherish but want to display.

oh, yes please!
the space also includes:
- a cafe where wholesome food served in a fun way, in the most gorgeously decorated interior.
- an art gallery (with decent art)

so, if anyone is downtown new york sometime, please visit for me!!

oh, and check out their fun create area you can do online for FREE


  1. oh wow, that place looks incredible! I really wish there was something like that in Tassie, hmmm, might have to look into it one day! :)

  2. I love this! I try so hard to make places in my home like this! I guess the closest I have gotten is in our kitchen I have my son's art hanging on a wall. We call it the art wall:)

  3. awesome!!! i'll let you know what it's like when i'm next in new york - in my dreams.....hehehehe!


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