Tuesday, June 29, 2010

yoo hoo~

(i feel like the crazy, over-friendly neighbour who always rushes out to the front gate in her pinnie, waving a little floral hankie while calling "yoo-hoo")
be that as it may, i am back! (we are back)
my dad turned 60 (wow!).
the ratio of kids to adults was 10-20:4 the whole weekend.
they did GREAT!
(except for maybe just this once!!)

no time to write more!
(my JR cut a large gash in his head yesterday and needs some attention :) )


  1. Laughed like a squealy pig at your last pic!! husband was alarmed at my noise! ahahaha

    Oh and WOW! THANKYOU!!! I received your craft it round parcel in the mail the other day and I absolutely ADORE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE XO

  2. Haha! I cracked up too! Yay you're back! And I hope lil Ty had a great weekend too! :-)


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