Tuesday, July 20, 2010

hair help

it could be the cute boho dress or the dreamy lightingor the beachy girl whose thighs haven't known pregnancy or the hours of styling that happen to look like zero hours of styling
or the mega-sweet highlights here
...but i'm seriously considering a fringe (bangs).
a) i have my mother's skin elasticity - which is zilch - and my forehead is chock full of wrinkles. because i have no desire (or cash) to mess around with botox, i figure a fringe is a quick fix.
b) a change is overdue.
a) according to youtube, styling of fringes always involves a hairdryer. eeek. a hairdryer is public enemy #1 for my hair. it's like humidity on steriods.
b) any kind of styling involves time.
c) hair on my face has the same effect on me as Confetti Carpet*....Irritable. (oh, so irritable) ...this could be a rather large 'con'!!
what do you think?
yes/no to a fringe???

* Confetti Carpet = unvacuumed carpet that has bits of food, fluff, nature, fabric, cotton thread, paper etc sprinkled all over it. it is not as romantic as the title implies.
(all pics from weheartit)


  1. a number of times i have decided to have a fringe and regretted it! eeek! sorry! I always think it will look good and it does take so much styling and if you do get it to work - in winter it will rain on it and make it do crazy things that you can't fix until you are back home infront of your mirror with your GHD's etc. Plus i hate things tickling my face or eyes etc and when I have had one i flick it and push it out of the way the whole time! BUT man do they look awesome! esp those big fat little girl ones cut straight across! i would love one if i could handle the tickling and work!

  2. I reckon you should do it! I've done the long fringe before (it's the only kind of fringe my face can handle), and I found maintenance a breeze - a quick go with the straighteners or some bobby pins on a bad day... Also, I'm totally there with you when it comes to hair in the face - the main reason I almost never wear my hair out, much to Zan's disappointment.

  3. I love bangs and I think you would love it! The cool thing about it is if you dont you can pin it back with a barret and it still looks cute! Either way its a win win!


  4. I got a fringe cut in about 3 years ago now and it has totally changed my life. I love it. LOVE. never regretted it. look at pics of me now without it and cringe big time

  5. hmmmm, I've done the fringe not fringe thing for years...love the concept - no time or equipment for that matter) to faff about straightning etc...so compromise and have a long 'works into the layers' side fringe thingy - means it grows into the layers, can pin it back, or wear it ut - Con is that it doesn't cover the wrinkles too much but does soften them....hmmm not much help! I think you would look like a maga hotty with one - so there!

  6. Go for it. You can totally carry it off. So, when are you going to do it? Cx


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