Wednesday, July 28, 2010

if mama ain't happy...

...ain't nobody happy.

so true. but what i also know 100% to be true is this:
'if mama ain't being kind, ain't nobody being kind'
'if mama's being snarky, everybody's being snarky'

'if mama's whinging and complaining, everybody's whinging and complaining'

i need to remind myself (often) it's not always all about me.
sometimes (mostly) it's about these little people around me who watch and learn from me.
(and especially this little guy who's needing lots of cuddles - mostly from 11pm-3am! - to help some teeth cut through xo)


  1. aahhh, a timely reminder fro me - thanks love!...hope the teething settles down - sweet boy xx

  2. Poor mama, poor wee boy....lovely shots though, hope things get better. xx

  3. thanks for saying this, it was right on time. ;)


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