Friday, July 16, 2010

a little celebrity

look what i found yesterday morning... this is how my 4 y/o son folds his PJs. i love that is so forward thinking! :)
it made me smile.
wanna know what else made me smile yesterday?
the total flop sale! haha.
the whole day all i could think of was this:
"a wise woman...does not allow a little celebrity to convince her that just because she is capable of reading the name of the appoaching station, she should not believe she has arrived"
no one ever says it as well as Maya Angelou ( my fave!)
so, because nothing sold i'm prepared to do trades...if anyone wants to trade something they've made with something in the pic let me know.


  1. Oh bummer! I'm on a 'no buying till I sell' deal with myself at the moment, as my outgoings were massively exceeding my incomings... I would love to do a trade! I totally had my eye on that trio of owls... Let me know if there's anything you would like to swap 'em for!

  2. :( I think everyone just has their purse strings pulled tightly right now. Hopefully in the months leading up to Xmas things will start to pick up. I'd be happy to do a trade although I probably don't have anything you'd like - but have a look just in case.

  3. I make pretty cute kids? ;p

  4. oh Dee you crack me up - gotto love it huh!! And totally get that feeling too....all made up for the markets - not one thing handmade brought - hmph.....I reckon all your stuff is just lovely. xxx

  5. dee darling sweetie goregous - wanting ot pick your did you add tabs on your the birth stories tab etc?? am stumped and a bit thick too.'
    mwah x

  6. oooo, and if you are indeed wanting to 'get rid of them' - shhhh sweet dolls you didn't hear that! I am in love with the russian doll espeesh or you choose - totally lovely all of them xx oh and if you don't want to thats fine xx

  7. I'll trade some ad space on KMB (30 days) for a doll with orange hair? (the one in the middle if it hasn't gone?)... let me know my lady! Otherwise all you get is some practice crochet stitches!


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