Saturday, July 10, 2010

make my week #27

a frustratingly unproductive week.
this is all i have to show!
fresh out of some ivy-league college i suspect

the fabric was in my mum's chuck-outs!! (can you believe?!)

oh! knee highs~~
happy weekend!


  1. i LOVE that golly!!!! i have 2 katie finn gollies but your one is just eeeeekkk to gorgeous!!

  2. ALL!!!! that you have to show for this week! pffft
    do you realise how amazing it is that you have ANYTHING to show for this week!! BRILLIANT

  3. I agree, that is a very impressive 'all' you have to show this week. Much more 'all' than I do! She is a beautiful wee golly and you should be stoked : )

  4. I hate to see what a TRULY unproductive week is!!!
    Love her!


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