Saturday, July 17, 2010

make my week #28

i could be wrong, but i have a feeling that Line + Liv may be responsible for this one!

she needs a scandinavian name

her boots used to be a max skirt handed down from my lil sis (....and if i were also a size 8, maybe it still would have been...! pft.)
i also made this wreath for our front door out of our grape vine prunings:
i like it. it makes our house feel more like a home.


  1. oooo, yummy doll, and have inspired me to go prune our grapevine to do the same thing!...hmmmm, helga isn't a very pretty name, so thats out...I'll ask Set what his swedish student's name is (although it doesn't really bare thinking about the 6 foot curvy blonde lady...on second thought maybe I won't ask him - teehee)

  2. Kristina, Asa, Janna, Anneli, Pia, Ingrid, Mari, Malin, Birgitta, Lena, Ylva, Sofie and Cait (haha) are the names of the girls in my year 4 class in Sweden, from my old school photo. I'd go for 'Pia' I think, out of those. Cx

  3. She is soooo cute! I majorly love her! Sigh...

  4. she is gorgeous - I like Pia too :)

  5. love your work dee, what a beautiful blog :)

  6. oh forgot to say before, she looks like an 'anke' to me x


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