Friday, July 30, 2010

Make my Week #30

umm, week 30??
(she says with a hint of panic in her voice)
this week i have been busy with these two 10"x10" canvases for the One Size Fits All art exhibition/competition at Thornton Gallery in August.

girl with kereru and pohutukawa
(the picket fence was a last minute addition this morning!)

and boy with tui and harakeke (flax)
obviously, it's a variation of this larger painting i did a couple of months ago:

which, much to my delight, has been snapped on various fridges (in postcard form) around the country!
if you have a fridge sans an "Our Folk" postcard, just send me your postal addy and i'll write to you (the old fashioned way!) so your fridge can join the trend :)


  1. you should sell those postcards, they're absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE your style by the way, and your ma's too!

  2. Mine is framed on my hall table- love it. Thanks. Cx

  3. I agree with stella.
    All the best with the exhibition you girls are gonna rock it!

  4. Postcard... please me.... autographed... you are so clever!

  5. I have a post to show with one of your cards up too! You are super talented :)

  6. postcard for me please, Dee!!! I love your art, your so clever X

  7. ooo, postcard for the frudge pretty please clever Dee - love to you all x

  8. Oh yeah I'd love one-you probably have my address from the craft-it-round :)

  9. oh those are the cutest paintings I have seen. you are very talented! I would love a postcard for my fridge and totally agree that you should be selling them.

  10. wow, i just left a comment saying your momma was talented but wow the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! i would proudly hang one of those canvases on my wall :)


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