Monday, July 19, 2010

monday monday

having a dinner party for 10 (plus us 6 regulars) tonight.
a mega cute 'craft-it-round' plate from a very dark horse will be making her debut
- thanks Stella, i love it!
and my first attempt at making a baked cheesecake (looks pretty yummy from the outside - hope it's baked on the inside!! fingers crossed...) aaannd homemade white bean dip (head nod, Lauz!)
anyway...back to dinner prep!!!
PS need your help with a big time...xo


  1. oh yay - I love dinner for so fun (and call me nuts but I like planning menus etc)....will have to make sure we get a dinner together before the year's out xxxxxx

  2. Looks yummy! And glad you like the plate! I almost decided to decorate all of mine the same...

  3. Your big dinner sounds scrummy and I love that plate from Stella :)


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