Saturday, July 24, 2010

raw food

something i've always wanted to learn more about is the benefits of eating food raw. so armed with a book on loan from a friend, i've set about educating myself.

here's what i've learnt so far:

*heat destroys enzymes at 42'C which means we rely heavily on the digestive enzymes that our body produces to do all the digesting of the food - (this stress can lead to all kinds of stomach and bowel related illnesses.

*when we eat cooked food the white blood cells in our body increase (this is your body's natural response when fighting infections) so our bodies consider cooked food to be an "intruder"

*however, if we have a serving of raw food before eating our cooked meal, no change occurs in the levels of white blood cells. sneaky!

*another good reason for eating raw food first, rather than for dessert, is so that it isn't blocked from being digested quickly behind a heavy meal - which can cause gas because the fruit will tend to ferment. (eeewww!)

* raw fruits and vegetables are crunchy because of the fibre in them - when we cook them (apples, kumara, carrots, etc) we eliminate the fibre from them. no fibre = ... ;)

i'm excited to learn how to incorporate more raw food (especially vegetables) into our diet. i would LOVE to hear if you have any recipes or ideas....otherwise, watch this space!
saying farewell to a couple of friends before they head off to their new homes (it's always hard for this girl):
(maybe i should start advertising my dolls as "pre-loved"??!)


  1. It amazes me that everytime I start to think about a subject someone on my bloglist seems to be thinking/posting about it not long after! Thank you for sharing these facts and I look fwd to seeing how you manage to incorporate the raw vegies into your diet. I've been making sprouts galore and am starting to have a side serve of salad with every dinner meal, but some more 'main meal' type recipes (that are not too 'hippy' to scare the husband) would be excellent.

  2. Thanks for the info - we have been eating some yummy dutch carrots raw before our meals just because they taste so good, now I know there is a good reason to do that I will keep it up!
    I love that your dolls are 'pre-loved' before they leave, it makes them éxtra special! :)

  3. I love the dollies! So cuuuute! I didnt know those facts about raw food! I am so excited now!

    I have so much stuff on my site and now need to add raw food diets! Thanks



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