Thursday, August 12, 2010

fabric, frankie and fringes

last week some dear older ladies invited me to come to their weekly craft morning and show my dolls. i may have mentioned that i prefer to use vintage fabrics (and i may have even begged, hands clasped, "please don't throw your old fabrics out!!")
and so, some have been "thrown" my way:

a few of my faves:

oh, and william wallace may have successfully beat off the lurgies before they even had a chance (yuss!) but when the babe isn't doing anything that requires being apart from my hip, this fierce lurgie-fighting warrior needs to get out.
and so, i went to get my first Frankie mag

turns out, all that glitters isn't gold.
the glittery glimpses while browsing off the shelf a couple of weeks ago were very sparkly but generally, this one is a lil too worldly for me i think! (call me old-fashioned but i think the writing should be as pretty as the pictures. cuss-words aren't pretty. )
oh, World Sweet World you are missed.

but! glittery bits were very lovely!
actually, really lovely.

**yes, i have a fringe - no haters please, i already know i am the world's worst hair stylist. gahhh. total fail on the twenty10 resolutions to be friends with my hair! (still)


  1. lucky your scoring all that beautiful vintage fabric! I am missing World Sweet World too :(

  2. I thought 'Frankie' was overrated too. 'Peppermint' is much more my cup of sugary-sweet tea. And nie score on the fabrics! You're one lucky lady.

  3. the fabric is lovely... and your fringe would fit right in in Germany where you can't get a hair cut without one (literally).d

  4. Great fabric, CUTE fringe!! I agree re: Frankie although I am prepared to gloss over the rubbish for the pretty, Peppermint is definately prettier! It is more eco-friendly, eco fashion and less "uni dayz" (no offense students!) :)


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