Saturday, August 21, 2010

make my week 32 & 33

week 32 i made these lil twinigans with darker flesh coloured fabric:
i likey.

and then, week 33 i made this lass:

there is a back story to this doll...
from here:

the cover article on Anya Brighouse's (fashion writer) home. you have No Idea how excited i was to see her 13 year old daughter's bedroom:

actually, excitement, relief and hope all at once! why? umm, she has a handmade crocheted blanket on her bed! and nz art on her wall! still don't get it? here: there's no Hannah Justin Bieber Twilight duvets!!
(it's taken me 30 years to get to where she is at 13. *applause*)
the doll may just have to be named 'Maddie' - a mascot for all tweenagers/teenagers who are managing to avoid the marketing machine. whoop!

(if you're a real sleuth you'd recognise that these dolls were also inspired by miss maddie)


  1. Great new dolls! I LOVE the inspiration, how cool is that girl!! I hope Ella is still happy to show her creativity when she is a teen and beyond too. Thanks for the hope :)

  2. Hi Dee, I have been following your blog for some time now and I can't believe I missed this post, although it was when my wee man would have been only weeks old so maybe I can understand it. ...Anyway, I know Anya and her daughter would be estatic to read your comments and see the doll. I will pass on the link :)


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