Friday, August 27, 2010

make my week #34

my lil sister generously gifted these gorgeous (but worn out) leather boots to me so i could repurpose the leather...*squeal*

conveniently I needed to make her a birthday present also and so, she got a little bit of her boots back :)

the leather is insanely soft and beautiful to work with.
in love!
i learnt to book bind from this etsy-seller (who was wwoofing in nz) last year.
she has some great stuff for sale.
and a pretty picture to finish the week:

remember the owl from week 15?
the cute card from a sweet hippie in tasmania.
and that's my savings box from my childhood. it's heavy as and chock-full (of obsolete 1c and 2c pieces no doubt). as far as i know, you were supposed to take it to the bank to have it opened. i'm stumped on which bank is the modern equivalent, or if banks even use keys these digi-days, so it looks like it's staying locked for now!


  1. and THIS is why I'm too chicken to send you your craft in round are amazingly talented Dee. Like WOW!!!!! love the diary and the owl. coolness

  2. Oh that is just fantastic. How cool to give your sister a bit of her boots back with such an awesome gift. Inspired!

  3. What a fantastic repurpose!! You did a fantastic job :)
    ps. as an ex-bankie: you should be able to take your money bank into the bank you use and they should have one of those old keys floating around, we always did. x

  4. That leather bound book is wonderful and made me think about whether I could do the same thing with my worn out boots... hmmm, now you've got me thinking.

  5. Amazing, as always. That would make great doll shoes too. Cx

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