Wednesday, August 25, 2010


it's been a rough couple of weeks with winter bugs.
a whole lot of diggin deep and (insane) lack of sleep.
a very busy husband and no mum to ring in to do my vacuming and laundry (my parent's decided to visit my sister in australia for the month didn't they? sheesh, great timing. i'm sure the runny noses and coughs will magically disappear the day before they get back!)
it's been a whole lot of hard yakka to get these kids better without resorting to antibiotics (medical equivalent of fast food...handy short term but not so good in the long run).
i'm so stoked to say that We Did It!! scoff and roll your eyes at my raw garlic and poultices and herbs but we pulled that little babe through some potentially major chest issues and intense croup. and now, the next time he gets it, he's gonna nail it even faster. yus!

i only appreciate winter because it makes spring all the more beautiful and summer all the more enjoyable. it is the same with health. your kids may drive you stir-crazy with their activeness and noise and questions and singing and superman-being but when your child is laying hot and barely responsive on the couch, you are truly grateful when they are running around annoying their siblings again!

and so, we're slowly emerging from the winter. grateful that it's almost over but very aware there are still a lot of the darker, rainy days ahead.
(yes, we have a chick! one from twelve!! oh dear, no jokes about hard boiled eggs please...)


  1. So glad to hear that your house is healthy again and that your hard work payed off. Well done for naturally healing! Great photo's! :)

  2. You are my hero! Go the natural approach! Also, I need to mention again that you are living my dream life... How I long for chickens... Glad to hear you guys are feeling better!

  3. I love how your cat is walking past the chickens completely ignoring them. My dog would be having a field day! (with the chickens AND the cat!)

  4. Love your attitude about the illness. The natural approach is great and will definitely make our children stronger in the long run I reckon.


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