Sunday, August 22, 2010


that i have a daughter.
for a brief interlude in the rain
that we live in a peaceful country

for winter - because it makes me appreciate the spring.

(for sickness - because it makes me appreciate good health)

for this guy (really. lots.)

that the most traumatic thing my children have experienced is jammed fingers.

that my children are warm and well fed

that none of my children have any food allergies so many others i know.

for this special 'Thank you Mummy' meal

(and, while we may get sniggers, that we are able to pray aloud in public without fear of torture or death)



  1. What a beautiful post and beautiful family. It made me smile. You are *blessed*. Cx

  2. i am thankful for your beautiful post that made me smile!
    happy week to you

  3. lovely pics Dee, am thankful too...your babies are beautiful x

  4. Beautiful post. I too have been thankful for many of the same things just lately. I look at my baby girl and thank God that we live in a safe country and that our needs are met. I keep seeing footage of mothers with babies in the news over in Pakistan and my heart breaks for them. I can't imagine being in that sort of situation with my little one.


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