Wednesday, August 11, 2010

waging war

the winter lurgies have finally reached our pad. we're 50% down so far - they're after my blood too but i'm holding them off with clove after clove of raw garlic! (i go all William Wallace-esque against winter lurgies!) - so lots of laying low and free kids' DVDs from the library for us.
(...and lots of garlic-flavoured milk for the bebe!!)

a bit of winter sun makes the getting-better so much more enjoyable too.
(almost every time i see these 4 heads together in close proximity i think about where their heads came from, and how they all came to be a part of this world. freaks me out that there's now 4 of them!
i'm sure i'm the only one who thinks such things about my children's heads!)


  1. Get well soon to your household. Look forward to our *drool* soon. Cx

  2. Oh I hope your family recover soon! Very cute pics... Sounds like a good excuse to take it easy...


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