Saturday, October 30, 2010


House of G provided the inspiration for Jada's dress I made for her to wear to her essay award presentation this morning. I liked the oversize frill around the top on the dress on the right.

It was dead easy to make - just 5 rectangles (tutuorial anyone?). I might even make one for myself for summer.....
And yes, (cos I like to pretend I'm a rockstar mother), I made a matching one for her doll too :)
She spoke so well using a microphone and reading her essay out.
So, so proud.

When we got home she rediscovered a book we had read together awhile ago and announced she was going to read it again (by herself!). We'll see...


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous! but you already know that you must be so proud!!!! what an awesome accomplishment and that dress is v cUte!

  2. Well done Jada! And I love that dress, tutorial please!!

  3. So beautiful! Love her in that dress on the super pretty hammock too!!
    Ahhhhh spring :)

  4. Beautiful dress and photos! Love that hammock and hoping for warmer summer dress and hammock days in Welly soon! x


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