Friday, October 22, 2010

Make my Week #42 - (more) wall art

well, we did run away. and it was fantastic.
major refocus and exhale (and even some sunburn!!)
it's madness from now until March for our family...! :)
i'm really enjoying making these little girly wall art thingies. it feeds my creativity well.
not sure what to do with them now though. i'd like add them to my Felt shop i guess, but as usual am stumped on $$. help?


  1. so very cute, im not good with prices but a lot of time and effort looks like it has gone into it so u dont want to be just giving them away, i think they will sell very well.

  2. Welcome home!
    I love this! And yes I would run away if I had a caravan like this. Prices.... I am clueless. But it's so cool! xx

  3. they are fab!! very very cool. glad you had a good run away :)

  4. Welcome home! Love this. I recognise bits of the fabric. I'm almost over my wool jaunt for a while and getting back into fabric. You are so talented. Missed you being around. Cx

  5. Love it!!! So cute - and I just LOVE YOUR SHELF!!!! Great styling!


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