Tuesday, October 5, 2010

men at work

i, for one, could never understand why exactly the feminists back in the 70s decided they'd like to do their work as well as the mens'...
i, for one, am more than happy having my men do the work!

(lucky for me a have a good handful of men around to work for me! muahaha)

train em young i say!!

ok, so this wasn't exactly helpful...but pretty creative:


  1. cute!
    mmmmmmmm and listen to all those gorgeous bird sounds in the background.

    yeah i'm with you, so not into mens work and the no bra thing. ew

  2. haha - loving seeing those guys working hard! The video is so cute.

  3. Just imagine the work force we would have with my crew and your crew together! Boys are great. Cx

  4. I'm with you too, I had to spray the garden myself in the weekend and blergh- would have been so much easier to leave it to Abraham.
    Oh, and I don't even take my underwires off to go to bed so you'd never catch me burning 'em! heh.


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