Thursday, October 28, 2010

mini-boho hair

did you see this on A Beautiful Mess yesterday?
(we added the 'rosette')

Jada won an essay competition and has to read it out at an award ceremony on Saturday...
I thought this would be a perfect style her hair.
I'm making a dress for her tomorrow.
So proud! (of her...and myself - it seems I may not be such a shabby substitute for a 'real' school teacher after all :) )

oh, and 50 points if you can spot a major difference ;)
(at laaaaassst!!!)


  1. what a cutie patoootie!


  2. you need to be a flower girl hair designer at weddings!!

  3. so gorgeous!
    and big congrats to Jada that's impressive!

  4. Lovely....! Wonder if I could convince my boys to grow their hair long enough for me to try it....ha ha! Jada looks so much like her mama!

  5. WOW I wish I had long enough hair/ was clever enough to do my own hair like that. she looks absolutely fab.

  6. Beautiful! And the tooth!! How did it go?? G has lost both her top teeth in the last two days.... sigh... our babes are growing up Mrs!! xx

  7. Gorgeous hair style. So very cute and boho gorgeous!
    My daughter is in the process of losing her first top tooth too. It has been wiggly for soooooo long!


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